We offer services to Home Owners, Housing Societies, Cities, Boards, Municipalities, Communities & Varied Work Place Environments Inspection.
TS Environmental provides licensed building inspectors to conduct comprehensive inspection to identify suspect asbestos-containing building material.

The inspection includes:


  • Sample Collection – Bulk and/or Air
  • Hazard Assessment
  • Course of Action / Recommendation
  • Report


TS Environmental has its own laboratory that is qualified to determine asbestos content found in samples.


TS Environmental provides licensed supervisors and workers to remove asbestos building materials from your home or facility.

These services include, but are not limited to:

  • Conduct a walkthrough survey of the work area
  • Establish a work zone perimeter
  • Shut down the HVAC system
  • Clean/Remove non-stationary items from the work area
  • Cover and seal stationary items with polyethylene
  • Establish a decontamination unit
  • Utilize a negative-air pressure system equipped with a HEPA filter
  • Employ wet removal techniques inside containment
  • Clearance air sampling performed following abatement.

Free estimates available upon request.


Transportation and disposal of asbestos to Government approved landfill facilities. Certification of disposal is provided.

Project Management

Licensed Asbestos Project Managers provide project supervision and a comprehensive final report, including daily activity reports and contractor submittals.

Air Sampling

Licensed Air Sampling Professionals will collect air samples on a project specific basis in accordance with the Government Guidelines 278/05. Services include the following:

  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling
  • Worker OSHA Monitoring
  • Abatement Perimeter Monitoring
  • Prior & Post-Abatement Clearance Sampling

Operations & Maintenance Programs

Developed and customized for the facility as a management tool for asbestos-containing materials in the facility. This plan incorporates employee training and respiratory protection programs.

Education & Training